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The first Atlantic Forest Yoga Retreat was an amazing experience. After focusing in european (Swiss alps, Italy & Germany) spots for our retreats in the past we welcomed yogis in BRASIL 2018. In 2020 we are inviting you to Paraty in Rio de Janeiro. Native atlantic forest, fantastic beaches, waterfalls and islands are ready to welcome you.


Yoga is here to stay. Some people recognize all the benefits this system do to their body and mind, others just keep on going because they somehow feel better after practice. 


We see Yoga as a lifestyle, a philosophy, a way of living with more awareness, and of realizing the true nature of the self: consciousness.


We plan our retreats so that you can improve, enjoy  and finally go beyond the practice. That’s the great thing about this retreat: it will allow you to focus better on yourself and through this, get in touch with your inner self. 


A set of postures is repeated throughout the week allowing you to feel the improvement and changes. The mix of different yoga classes during the retreat will build up strength, flexibility, some stamina and capability of deep relaxation. 


We encourage the participants to understand the postures and instructions since we believe knowledge increases safety and motivation. 


Our path is Hatha Yoga . We don’t follow any specific style or organisation, but we are eager to incorporate any methods (also from systems outside yoga) when we feel they could be useful or even superior to classic yoga.


Pilates is the name of a method to strengthen the muscles in your body. It was created by Joseph Pilates in the beginning of 1920s and became worldwide famous after being used by dancers in New York in the 60s to enhance their performance.  

This method uses some of the same principles as Yoga: joining breath (inhalations and exhalations) as you do the exercises; concentration, be focused while you move, and engage the core muscles to do the exercises. The later, being the main purpose of the practice: when your core muscles are strong, you can move better.

With simple, though effective movements, we can activate the innermost muscles in the core and build up a strong back to support our bodies. We also do exercises for other muscles that are important for healthy joints in hip and shoulder area.

During the Pilates classes in the retreats, we also like to use some of the time to do different activities that are very good to our whole being. For example, we like to do exercises that stimulate and activate eye and facial muscles. These areas are never stimulated and lead to poor eyesight, and when we think about the muscles in our face, moving them can give us a sensation of freshness and lightness.

Some people who exercised their facial muscles for some time, have reported a shift in their emotional patterns and thinking. Nevertheless, we will leave a better explanation and practice of this part to the retreat…

In some classes; we also like to do circular dances. Dancing is a great activity to improve our health and give us good emotions, and we believe circular dances are awesome to be done in a group.

We always finish the classes with Shavasana (lying down posture) because we think we can get best results when we consciously relax the body. After moving the body and energy, if we spend some time feeling our breath and watching ourselves, we can enter deep relaxation states more easily. Our mind is more relaxed to be in the present moment and we benefit from those experiences immensely: we reach a state of freedom and pure contentment, where nothing else needs to be done.


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